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I created this community for graphics.. I do have a pretty big love of all graphics, even when mine suck. And I love sharing my stuff and seeing other peoples.. so I would seriously love to see this community become something huge.
INTERESTS graphics, celebrities, communities, members, fandoms, etc.
WHATS IN THE NAME; I honestly dont have a clue where the name came from.. I was laying in bed one night half asleep when it popped in my head, and I just loved it.


Flashy Addiction

fans of Hayden Panettiere

profile layout credit

If someone asks you to credit their work.. just do it. People work hard on their stuff so the least you can do is follow what they ask. I'll gladly tell you how to credit if you dont know how.

When making an icon post, please post at least one icon preview.

Do not advertise for anything in your post. Its fine to link to the journal where your icons are posted.. but other than that just dont do it.

I'm not gonna be rude or crazy about the rules.. unless you give me a reason too.
Thank you oh so much for joining!

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